Samsung Sync SGH-A707


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unlock code for Samsung Sync SGH-A707

If you have forgot your phone lock code and you want to unlock it....then all you have to do is to type this code at your normal dial screen: #7465625*2877#
(Note:This code will reset your phone to default settings and all your data that is stored on your phones memory will be erased,so store your important data on your memory card before you type this code.)


  1. How are you suppose to use the "normal dial screen" when you can't get past the "phone lock password" screen?

  2. "Phone lock password" screen appears when you try to open "My Stuff","Messages","Phonebook" etc....
    You can access Dial screen without Password Prompt..!
    Thank you!

  3. I have unlocked my samsung mobile in this site,it's safe and secure,it's cost is so reliable.

  4. LOL........I don't think will a person pay for unlocking his cell phone if he could do it for free....!:-D

  5. Hello, I have an SGH A707 I bought online at ebay. I live in Africa and the phone is locked to the AT&T network. I have been trying to get the network unlock code to no avail. I can't reach the AT&T hotline from here. I wonder if someone can help provide me with the code I need. Much appreciated.

  6. hello, i have a SGH A707 my sister in u.s gave it to me i live in the phil. and the phone is already open line. but it not work the service network tell that is already online but it can't work. i wonder samsung company can help me.